Down at Esperanza Farm, you’ll find Jerrod and Susana Henderson and their four children raising heritage breed Large Black and Berkshire pigs, cows, ducks and Border Collies.

A relatively newcomer to the industry, Jed has been supplying pork to the markets for the past 7 years. He’s a firm believer in nose-to-tail, ethical and regenerative farming. For him it’s all about lifestyle, community and providing a quality product to the customer.

His pigs live a rich life, roaming pastures and eating a balanced diet full of variety. “I love to spoil them. Their favourite is bananas, and recently I was feeding them pecans and lychee,” he smiles.

Customers won’t find these artisans cuts anywhere other than the markets. At their stall, Jed showcases a photo book of pork recipes, encouraging customers to experiment with cuts they wouldn’t normally buy. 

Susana’s Spanish background has influenced their small goods selection, which includes chorizo and salami.  Their snags are made the traditional way without additives or sugar, using fresh herbs from their garden. You can truly taste the difference. “When you do get a bit of meat it’s important to get a good quality product, that’s not filled with preservatives, and enjoy it.” Jed states.

Exciting initiatives under way at Esperanza include a reforestation project and the planting of flowering and fruiting natives to create environmental barriers between the growers’ paddocks. This provides shade and windbreaks, much to the pigs’ delight. 

Buying straight from the farmer at the market promotes a stronger local economy. You can also learn about where your food comes from and what you’re putting into your body.   What better way to enjoy the Summer BBQ season than to get together with family and share some quality food made with love by your local farmer?