Meet Nicole and Tom, the founders behind Misty Creek Agroforestry. The young couple are the fresh faces at Mullum Markets with a vision to create agroecology that inspires.  On their 28 acre farm they grow trees, veggies, birds & beef and will be bringing their free range organic chickens to the market each week.

Nicole was born in London and has worked in the film and fashion industry.  Tom grew up on a cattle farm and studied marketing and economics. Together they studied permaculture and the seeds of their farm were sown. They found some land that was initially written off as floodplain but they saw the potential of the fertile soil. 

Aware of the need for healthy food, connection to nature and environmental responsibility, they aim to directly feed the community through their abundant diverse forest with a strong focus on regeneration of the land.  

At the forefront of a necessary movement, they encourage people to relentlessly ask questions about where their food comes from. ‘“At the farmers markets, ask them how the food was grown. And always seek regeneratively grown produce, as the earth is too degraded for ‘sustainable’ practices. Look past labels, ask about the ecology of the farm – biodiversity, forest, water quality.”

The couple face the challenge of testing a system that hasn’t been proven economically, though have strong faith in that fact that it’s ecologically sound. “It’s critical for the health of us all, and our planet, which are strongly connected. If people place an importance on where their food comes from and who grows it, it will drive a stronger and more resilient local economy. “

They promise to convey their farming methods authentically and are more than excited to see the fruits of their labour available at the markets and to immerse themselves fully into the community. “We are excited about connecting with those who buy our chickens because it means that we are completely involved in every stage of the chicken’s life, from its first day, to death, to being handed to those who will eat them.”