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Hayters Hill Farm

At the Hayters Hill Farm butcher shop they do things the traditional way.

The beef is aged to develop both its flavour and its tenderness; the hams, bacon and corned beef are cured using age-old techniques, avoiding the use of nitrates, and their ten varieties of sausages are made gluten and preservative-free, using unique spice blends and flavour combinations.nnTheir cattle and pigs are looked after in a stress-free, chemical-free environment, where the emphasis is on sustainable farming methods, and keeping production at a level that‘s kind to the animals and land.

Produce: Beef products, small goods.


Business Name: Hayters Hill Farm
Owners: David & Hugh Trevor – Jones
Phone: 02 6685 3855 / 0428 835 799
Email: [email protected]
Website: Find them on Facebook
Located: Hayters Hill Farm Eastlands Byron Bay NSW, 2481

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